Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring home care: your comprehensive FAQ guide

Here, we address your questions about our comprehensive home care services. Our commitment to enhancing well-being and independence is reflected in these detailed responses.

Whether you’re exploring home care options, differentiating between services, or understanding the advantages we offer, you’ll find informative answers. We aim to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Feel free to reach out for further clarification or to start benefiting from our personalized care solutions.

Home care is our innovative solution, designed as an alternative to traditional care settings like hospitals or nursing homes. These conventional settings often struggle to fully address the needs of the growing elderly population.

Our home care services aim to assist older adults and individuals facing challenges in their daily activities, fostering independence and enhancing overall well-being. While our caregivers may not hold medical certifications, they are extensively trained to provide specialized care.

Our professional caregivers contribute to increased engagement, mental stimulation, companionship, and improved physical and mental health.

We categorize home care into two branches: custodial care (assisting with bathing, dressing, etc.) and medical home care (providing skilled procedures through nurses and therapists).

Our approach to home care is comprehensive, catering to various needs.

Home care encompasses custodial care, addressing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), while medical home care is more focused on skilled procedures provided by nurses and therapists.

Additionally, we offer private duty home care, a payment method not covered by Medicare or insurance, often financed privately by clients.

At Matched Health Resource Group, we understand that maintaining independence and safety at home is a priority for individuals of diverse ages and abilities.

Whether you’re an older adult enjoying your golden years or facing health challenges, our in-home care services are tailored to your unique situation.

From those with age-related conditions to those dealing with more serious ailments, our services can provide essential support.

We take pride in offering a wide range of home care services that cater to various needs. Our services include homemaking, meal planning, personal care, specialized care for conditions like Alzheimer’s, companionship, respite care, and skilled nursing.

Our goal is to tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring your comfort, well-being, and the preservation of your independent lifestyle.

Choosing our home care services offers a multitude of benefits. We enable seniors and individuals with challenges to maintain their independence by assisting with daily activities.

Our care takes place in the familiar and preferred environment of one’s own home, promoting emotional well-being. From companionship to transportation, our services empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

Not only do we reduce the risk of hospitalization and falls, but we also ease the burden on family caregivers.

Your need for in-home care services is entirely dependent on your unique circumstances. We conduct an initial assessment to determine the extent and frequency of services required.

This assessment, led by our dedicated Client Care Supervisor in collaboration with your family, sets the foundation for a care plan that evolves as your needs change over time.

Initiating our services is simple. Reach out to our local office, and you’ll engage in a conversation with our knowledgeable Client Care Supervisor.

We offer a no-cost, in-home consultation to assess the suitability of our services for you or your loved one. Starting with this consultation, we’ll craft a detailed care plan that aligns with your family’s unique needs.

Our support extends to a diverse range of individuals who share a common desire to maintain their safety and independence at home.

We assist seniors, those with medical conditions, disabilities, recovery needs, and even those facing loneliness or isolation.

With decades of experience, we deeply understand the challenges families encounter, providing tailored assistance for your specific circumstances.

Our caregivers are trained to provide a wide array of essential services to ensure the safety and independence of seniors within their homes.

From daily activities to specialized care for conditions like Alzheimer’s, our caregivers adapt their support to your unique needs. They also act as companions, engaging you in activities that enhance overall well-being and cognitive engagement.

At Matched Health Resource Group, we’re committed to prompt service.

Typically, we can begin services within a 24-hour timeframe. Our approach starts with understanding your needs, followed by a comprehensive assessment to outline your specific care requirements.

We offer flexibility in payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and checks, but we recommend the ease and consistency of autopay through a checking account or credit card. This ensures a streamlined payment process for your convenience.

We are dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate home care services, enhancing the well-being and quality of life for our clients.